TICKETS TO DAKAR - CHECK! + Hola Barcelona

October 22, 2017


Finally we bought the tickets from Helsinki to Dakar for February-May 2018. I’m super excited!!! The price wasn’t too bad - 820€/return/2people with one stop in Lisbon. The Meals and check-in luggages included. So the dates are fixed now and we can start reading all the guides of Senegal what we can find. Of course I had to check right away all those unrealistic dreamy images of Pinterest so my mind is all set up for daydreaming while waiting for the take off. 


This autumn have been quite busy. I was in Barcelona for two weeks to meet friends and celebrate 30 birthday of one of them. It was so good to be back in my second home city and enjoy the sun, delicious food and drinks with great company. Thanks to my lovely catalan flatmate-friends I stayed again in my old flat in Gràcia neighbourhood. The weather was perfect - not too hot but still very sunny with fresh breeze in the air. I took my wetsuit just in case if the waves would have arrived but the sea was unfortunately flat. Would have been amazing to surf in Barceloneta and watch the beach from a new perspective - Well maybe next time! I realised few days before the trip that my relaxed holidays got a new angle from the Independence referendum of Catalonia. It was interesting to see how the streets of the city center were conquered by people and the traffic was off the whole day on tuesday 3.10 for the General strike. I can only respect the united catalans protesting against the police violence. Reunions, Sunshine, Food, Relax, Drinks, Parties, Political conversations, Friends, Strangers - Always a pleasure to visit Barcelona <3 


Now fulfilled with energy (after the reverse cultural shock in rainy Helsinki) it’s good to continue the research and planning. Giovanni is going for a little surf trip in Norway with some friends in the end of this month. He is thrilled to travel north and experience the nordic surf with icy cold water. And of course we are both very excited to get new material for Local Surfer. 









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