The first Local Surfer Book - Embark on a journey into the unique world of Senegalese surfers. First editions of numbered 400 copies

Language: English

Content: 190 pages

Size: 170 x 235mm

Paper: Munken Lynx 130g

Colour: CMYK + One spot colour Sewn binding


Team: Anna Anundi (Oulu, Finland) is a graphic designer + illustrator inspired from different cultures and ethnic traditions. In Senegal, she loved the limitless creativity, from hand painted street signs to amazingly decorative fishing boats. Giovanni Astorino (Sardinia Italy) is a photographer, with a passion for discovering cultural diversity through the lens of his film camera. He has spent the past 8 years as a traveling surfer and explorer. In Senegal he was curious to hear the stories of the locals, their histories and beliefs.

Local Surfer Senegal

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